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I’m so excited to announce Peak 2!

Your personal fitness dashboard, now with support for iPad, StandBy, interactive widgets, new themes, and more

Read on for more details, and a special launch discount!

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What interactive widgets would you like to see in Peak?

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And also an announcement: Peak for iPad is in the works!

If any members of the press would like to give the iPad app a go, please feel free to DM me!

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Peak 1.2 is out, with a new block type: Benchmarks!

Benchmarks let you visualise your progress towards a target over time with beautifully designed heatmaps

Get it on the App Store:

Peak 1.1.1 is out, with a fix for a bug where widgets may reset sometimes

Peak never interrupts you to ask for a review. If you’re enjoying using the app, I’d really, really appreciate a review on the App Store:

Peak 1.1 is out! It includes:

→ A new circular Today widget for your lockscreen, so you can add those at all sizes now
→ New family sharing plans for Peak Pro, so you can sign up to 6 people for the price of less than two
→ New lifetime options for Peak Pro, for those who'd like to buy it outright rather than subscribe

Live now on the App Store:

Peak 1.0.2 is out!

→ Widgets should now refresh much more reliably
→ Added a None metric option to clear a Today widget slot
→ Feedback emails now include some basic information about your setup to help with resolving issues
→ Corrected the icon used for paddle sport workouts

Get it now:

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