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Fascinating video by Alex Nye discussing how he created a special sunset timelapse video that went viral and garnered over 250m views 😳

Just released v3.4 of Photo Ephemeris Web. This cleans up the UI a little, enhances the adjustment for elevation above the horizon (it will now take elevation offset Into account, e.g. if you're on the 33rd floor of a tower), and you can save elevation offsets with your locations.

Full details here:

Would it be fair to say that the crowd here on Mastodon skews towards early adopters?

If so, you might be interested to know that we maintain a public beta version of Photo Ephemeris Web, together with detailed release notes.

You can find our more at

Hello, world! We're happy to be setting up here on Mastodon. Thanks to for adding us to their instance.

We'll be posting product news and updates.

To kick things off, we are hosting a free webinar titled "Maps and more in Photo Ephemeris Web" this coming Saturday. You can register at

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