🔔Quiche Browser 1.6 is out!

If you enable “group by domain” in grid mode, the tab overview now shows tabs from the same domain horizontally. And you can still sort tabs by age or read time within each group of tabs.

Honestly it looks pretty cool and is quite convenient if you have a lot of tabs open.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think 🤗

Changelist: quiche.works/browser/whatsnew/
Download: apps.apple.com/app/quiche-brow

🥁Quiche Browser 1.5 is out!
• Tab overview improvements
• URL schemes
• Home Screen quick actions
(Wow, just in time for iOS 13 release!🤦‍♂️)

Changelist: quiche.works/browser/whatsnew/
Download: apps.apple.com/app/quiche-brow

Quiche Browser 1.4.2 is out and finally fixes THAT bug with the address bar not appearing on iOS 17 😅

For anyone unaware, Google Chrome is currently rolling out an update that track your interests based on browsing history, then share them with 3rd party websites. The notification page makes it sound like they added a new privacy feature, but in actuality they automatically enrolled you into their tracking system and you have to go and manually opt out.

いよいよ、Quiche ブラウザが日本語に対応しました!




Quiche Browser est enfin disponible en Français !

Un navigateur super élégant, rapide, agréable à l'utilisation, avec un niveau de personnalisation ultra-pointu, et surtout fait avec beaucoup d'AMOUR.


Merci de RT ! 🙏

🎺Quiche Browser 1.4 is out!

- Tapping on the start page background now closes the keyboard.
- Tapping on the tabs list background now goes back to the last active tab.
- New translations! 🇫🇷🇯🇵

Changelist: quiche.works/browser/whatsnew/
Download: apps.apple.com/app/quiche-brow

@quichebrowser thanks for your work. Quiche browser is my daily driver for some weeks now and has replaced Safari on my iPhone.

I don't know but it gives me so much joy to see that in @quichebrowser the progress bar soothingly flashes blue while waiting for a slow page to load. Reminds me of older versions of Safari although less subtle.

@quichebrowser And just a few days later my favorite browser Quiche Browser supports both custom search engines and Qwant out of the box. Grab todays release 1.3 from the App Store, its an awesome iOS browser: apps.apple.com/de/app/web-brow

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🎉Quiche Browser 1.3 is out!

- New buttons to find in page.
- New buttons to disable scripts.
- Transform private tabs into non-private tabs.
- Support for Qwant Search suggestions.

Changelist: quiche.works/browser/whatsnew/
Download: apps.apple.com/app/quiche-brow

Kagi Search has been added to the list of supported search engines, and you can even set an unlisted one as your default search engine.

I can't recall where I read about it, but I've been playing with @quichebrowser by @nckh and it's SUCH an amazing mobile browser. It's exceptionally well-designed.

@quichebrowser is my new favorite browser on iOS, the customizing options and minimalism are exactly my style. Close tabs with one tap? Has it. Customize the address bar to show full URL? Has it. Cannot recommend enough! Only suggestion: Add qwant.com as a possible search engine

If you like Quiche Browser, please please pretty please leave a 5-star rating on the App Store🙇‍♂️🙏

This is the best way to help me make the app discoverable to more people, in only 3 steps:

1. Tap the link below
2. Select 5 stars
3. Tap "Send"



Quiche Browser 1.1 now available, and you can finally set it as your default browser 🎉

Quiche Browser next to the kitchen counter on Apple Vision Pro.

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