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I'm really proud to announce Red Panda Club's first app, Short Circuit.

Short Circuit is a native iOS, iPad, and Mac app for using ChatGPT. The app supports Siri, Shortcuts, markdown, code, and more. It's a great personal tutor, can help plan trips, we even used Short Circuit to help build Short Circuit!

And it's only getting better, we already have a native Mac app in private beta, are adding support for GPT-4, and a bunch more features.

Wanna try it out? 🦊

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Say hello to Plinky, an app for your links on iOS & Mac. 🔗

It’s still early days but the app goes beyond bookmarking, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve rethinking link management, workflows, and collaboration. Here’s a sneak peek of Plinky in action.

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What's new in Short Circuit 2.0?

1. You'll see immediately how fast Short Circuit is now with Live Responses.

2. This release isn't just about speed though, thanks to some complex architectural work (thank you @Soroush) we can now handle your most complex of questions, no more timeout errors.

3. Short Circuit's accessibility is better than ever, we want everyone to enjoy app as easily as possible.

4. And next, what you've all been asking for: GPT-4, with a whole new Conversational Mode.

FINALLY, approved. Short Circuit 2.0 should be rolling out soon, pick up a copy at your nearest App Store.

Me (a red panda) sitting and patiently waiting for Apple to get their stuff together…

Submitted Short Circuit 2.0 to the App Store from my physical therapist's office, what a world we live in.

Thanks to @mergesort for the Short Circuit app coming in clutch on helping me pick a trivia night team name.

Now let’s all root for the Saddle Sores. 🏇 🍑

Good news, we’re ready to ship a private beta of the native Short Circuit Mac app! There are a couple of bugs and the Settings screen is under construction, but the app works great and is a huge upgrade over the current version. If you’re interested in testing it out please let us know and we’ll happily start adding people to our TestFlight over the next few days.

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A lot of people have been asking about our upcoming native Mac app for Short Circuit and I have good news for you, we're making really great progress! There's still some work to be done before we can release it but we're nearing a larger private beta, and it already feels miles ahead of the current version. The best news, this isn't just the iPad app running on Mac so it will be available to everyone, not just people who have M1 and M2 Macs.

This all still doesn't feel real. It's like I'm watching a friend have the best day of their life and cheering them on, but that friend is actually me which doesn't make sense. Last night we doubled our total revenue in only 90 minutes, and when I woke up this morning it was 5x over what we'd started with and Short Circuit was ranking in the top 200. I'm already working hard on the Mac beta, but a friend of mine is telling me to sit down and feel my feelings, which I think is a good idea.

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Do you want to read an interview with me on @IndieDevMonday? I wrote 1,000 words about Short Circuit’s pricing because I’m trying to be as transparent as I can about our business, and help other indies understand how they should be pricing their apps. And a big thank you @joshdholtz for all the other great questions too!

Happy (and Good) Friday! We spent the day doing a little work and released a new feature, a special conversation for all of your Siri & Shortcuts requests. This was the most requested feature, people wanted a separate conversation they could reference for all of the Short Circuit requests they make with iOS integrations, and I'm happy to say we delivered just that. Version 1.2 is rolling out and available everywhere you find your favorite apps, the App Store. 📱

@mergesort not sure if this is of interest to you, but I’ve had a few successful D&D games in short circuit once I got the prompt worked out. It can run a number of published adventure modules!

And 16 hours later we’re releasing version 1.1.1.

1.1.1 puts you in command, by which I mean if you’re trying to send a message in the Mac app you no longer have to press command + enter, it’s just enter like every other chat app.

An alternative version of this post if you prefer to use the term return over enter: You can now return to the Mac app and send some messages to Shorty.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night, please tip your waiters. 🦊

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Short Circuit 1.1 is rolling out to users with a fun new feature, Screenshot Mode!

No more trying to claw at your iPhone's volume and power buttons like an animal, instead tap one button and get a nice clean screenshot that works great even for long series of questions and answers.

And if you hate images but love text you can now export your conversations as markdown too. 📝

Here at Red Panda Club we pride ourselves on three things.

1. High quality software
2. Customer support
3. Red pandas

Very pleased to find out that Short Circuit is ranked 37th in the App Store for the term redpanda.

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