I’m adding the ability to sync your links to a backend and have an important question: Should I ship this Dismiss button or think of a better design?

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I will abide by the results of this poll.

Thank you so much for the feedback, it was genuinely appreciated and helped a lot! I won't be shipping the "playful" copy because it can be construed as a bit too cheeky. And by sharing I was able to fix some spacing and corner radius issues, thank you @mark and @objc. 🦊

The new server is up and Sign in with Apple seems to be working, so once I'm done working around a few of Apple's authentication edge cases I'll put a new build on TestFlight so you can find new and improved ways to break it! 🍎

@redpandaclub there’s a fine line between cheeky copy and user deprecating copy. “I hate nice things” judges the users decision, which as the user I’d either…

A. Hate
B. Feel bullied

I don’t think either is the intent, but in seeking cheek, that’s my take.

@mark Already reverted after hearing a few people say this, really do appreciate the feedback!

@redpandaclub unrelated non poll. Alignment commentary. Please align these so I can sleep at night. I will stay up thinking about this.

@redpandaclub Signed up, but no beta link yet. Did I miss the announcement? 🙂

@maique No announcement missed, this is a one person shop so I’ve been sending them out manually at certain milestones when I have capacity for additional users. Getting the server up and syncing links is one of the big milestones so I left myself a note to add you to the next public beta! Really appreciate you wanting to try out Plinky. ❤️

@redpandaclub Thank you, and totally understand. No worries, at all, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when my time comes 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too.

@maique Thank you, and I hope you get some rest in between toddler wrangling sessions!

@redpandaclub one of the most annoying things in web browsing is a modal pop up that makes you say you "hate good deals" or "I don't want to save money" to dismiss it. While this is cuter in theory it has way too much of the same vibe. Just call it dismiss :)

@redpandaclub also "letting access your links" probably needs a "you" in there 🤓

@aaron This is why I signed up for this design crit, thank you! 🙇🏻‍♂️

@redpandaclub It's not your fault but I can't read this in the cheeky way it's meant because my brain associates that lingo with the real dark patterns I have encountered. It immediately makes me think I'm being hustled.

@kyle No you're right, Plinky is actually a very complicated ponzi scheme. But seriously, that makes sense! I hadn't even considered that but immediately got a couple of replies that say it can feel like you're being talked down to, and I very much can see that now.

@redpandaclub that why I mention it: I want your scam to succeed where others have failed

@redpandaclub off topic but the corner radii of your buttons are not the same

@objc Fixed! The Sign In With Apple button seems to use a corner radius of 6, which seems like an odd choice so I made it match the other button's 8 point radius.

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