I’m adding the ability to sync your links to a backend and have an important question: Should I ship this Dismiss button or think of a better design?


I will abide by the results of this poll.

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Thank you so much for the feedback, it was genuinely appreciated and helped a lot! I won't be shipping the "playful" copy because it can be construed as a bit too cheeky. And by sharing I was able to fix some spacing and corner radius issues, thank you @mark and @objc. 🦊

The new server is up and Sign in with Apple seems to be working, so once I'm done working around a few of Apple's authentication edge cases I'll put a new build on TestFlight so you can find new and improved ways to break it! 🍎

@redpandaclub there’s a fine line between cheeky copy and user deprecating copy. “I hate nice things” judges the users decision, which as the user I’d either…

A. Hate
B. Feel bullied

I don’t think either is the intent, but in seeking cheek, that’s my take.

@mark Already reverted after hearing a few people say this, really do appreciate the feedback!

@redpandaclub unrelated non poll. Alignment commentary. Please align these so I can sleep at night. I will stay up thinking about this.

@redpandaclub Signed up, but no beta link yet. Did I miss the announcement? 🙂

@maique No announcement missed, this is a one person shop so I’ve been sending them out manually at certain milestones when I have capacity for additional users. Getting the server up and syncing links is one of the big milestones so I left myself a note to add you to the next public beta! Really appreciate you wanting to try out Plinky. ❤️

@redpandaclub Thank you, and totally understand. No worries, at all, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when my time comes 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend too.

@maique Thank you, and I hope you get some rest in between toddler wrangling sessions!

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