Phew, after working very hard for the last month beta 2 is done. A couple of highlights…

- Plinky Accounts! The server is up and running, you can now sign into Plinky from multiple devices. A lot more work is coming here, this one-man shop can only move so fast. 🪧
- You can now update multiple tags at once. 🏷️
- A loooot of fixes, thank you to everyone who reported and helped with these. 🙇🏻‍♂️

There’s a lot more, if you’re interested I now have a blog with the release notes!

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@redpandaclub It looks like the iPad layout regressed and now only shows the iPhone layout?

@S1 Yep, that was intentional. I mentioned it in the release notes but since I’m still in the process of designing a lot of the app and interactions, it’s easier to build one UI than two while I’m iterating, and then focus on a great iPad and Mac experience once all the primitives are built out.

@redpandaclub aha sorry i missed that 😅 Another thing is I signed in with seemingly the same “sign in with apple” settings but my iPhone data isn’t syncing over to iPad. I’ve reset the db on iPad, signed out/in on both but to no avail

@S1 You're not wrong. 😅

I'm not sure if it was clear from the post but in the release notes I mention that this build adds account syncing, links and tags will take a couple more weeks. I could have waited to release them all at once but I'm trying to minimize the risk/make fixing bugs easier, and also there were a lot of improvements I wanted to get into people's hands today rather than making people wait.

@redpandaclub Sorry 🤦🏻‍♀️ I blame the airlines mess with flights today 🙃

@redpandaclub ok I’ve read through the notes and have a real bug this time. Normally the bottom right dismiss button in settings works, but it stop working after going into “my account”, dismissing that modal, then trying to dismiss the settings modal

@S1 You did find a bug! (I actually know about this one but really needed to get this build out.) It's on my list of things to fix tomorrow — which is all to say, thank you. 🧡

@S1 I blame the airlines too, nobody likes 'em for a reason! Hope you get to where you have to go with little fuss. 🦊

@redpandaclub I’d love to try plinky! I signed up for the beta a while ago, any chance of a bump? ❤️

@pretz I’ll be opening up a bunch of slots in a couple of weeks, but for you friend, I'm happy to send an invite. 🧡

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