I'm really proud to announce Red Panda Club's first app, Short Circuit.

Short Circuit is a native iOS, iPad, and Mac app for using ChatGPT. The app supports Siri, Shortcuts, markdown, code, and more. It's a great personal tutor, can help plan trips, we even used Short Circuit to help build Short Circuit!

And it's only getting better, we already have a native Mac app in private beta, are adding support for GPT-4, and a bunch more features.

Wanna try it out? 🦊

We were up until 1:30am working on a fix for people who didn’t get their 10 free messages, and we figured it out. Unfortunately it required us to submit an app update to Apple, but the good news is that the app is already in review so now it’s just a matter of time. In the mean time if you run into an issue where the app says you need to upgrade to send messages, just force quit your app (swipe it up and away), reopen Short Circuit, and you’ll be chatting with Shorty!

Short Circuit 1.0.3 has been approved by Apple, which means that our long international nightmare is over. If you were having trouble trying out the app over the last few days now's your chance, I really hope you like it! 🦊

@redpandaclub would love a counter for the remaining number of answers we have left 😅
Also, is ther a way to buy more if I run out of them in a current subscription period?

@Qiu Hi Qiu! The counter will be in the message bar, it’ll show you how many messages you have remaining for the month. Its likely you ran into this bug which can be fixed by force quitting the app and relaunching the app once, I’m so sorry for that. And yes! If you tap the upgrade button (in a message that says upgrade or Settings) you’ll be able to purchase messages, and if you run out you can always switch to a higher tier with more messages. Let me know if that helps!

@redpandaclub forced quit the app and I still don’t see it. Where should it be?

@redpandaclub That's really cool, I love it! Quick question: it says I can enter my OpenAI key if I purchased a lifetime unlock. But I don't find any menu where I can purchase said unlock (and still, it did let me enter my API key). Can you guide me? Am I missing something?

@manuch We're unfortunately still waiting for Apple's App Review limbo waiting for them to approve our lifetime in app purchase, but if you'd like to purchase a lifetime unlock you can purchase it through our Stripe page.

(And personally it'd be better for us since then we get a higher percentage of the sale price. No pressure of course, and happy to help if any of that is unclear!)

@redpandaclub Thank you for that, got it! I will look into it and if I buy the lifetime unlock I'll for sure do it via Stripe page 😉

@redpandaclub loving this so far! Any chance we will eventually be able to sync our Side Chats between multiple devices? And maybe store our API key in Keychain so we can enter it on one device and have it sync to others?

@anthony Hey Anthony, I'm genuinely so glad to hear you're loving it! You will absolutely be able to sync your Primary Chat and Side Chats, we're working on it right now. I'm happy to say we thought ahead on this one and your Side Chats are currently being saved on the server so when we do finish building sync, they'll become available across your devices.

And we're currently using iCloud to sync your API key, but I must have goofed something because it doesn't work. We'll have a fix though. 🙂

@redpandaclub Sounds great, and thank you for the speedy feedback!

@fifthrocket Hey David, not yet but it is on the roadmap! When we do add support for GPT-4 it will only be able to offer GPT-4 for lifetime unlock purchasers, because of how expensive GPT-4 responses would be for us to include as part of the subscription.

To be transparent we have a few features ahead of GPT-4 support on the roadmap.

1. A native Mac app.
2. Sync to make your conversations available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
3. After that we’ll GPT-4 support.

Hope that helps!

@redpandaclub does your lifetime unlock unlock GPT-4 once you add support for it? Or would I still need a separate ChatGPT subscription?

@Sleeping_bird Hi there! When you purchase a lifetime unlock you will indeed get support for GPT-4 when we release it in Short Circuit, and it won't require a ChatGPT+ subscription. You will need for OpenAI to have given you access to the GPT-4 model, and as a lifetime unlock user you as a user will pay for the usage costs of GPT-4. Hope that answered your question!

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