Here at Red Panda Club we pride ourselves on three things.

1. High quality software
2. Customer support
3. Red pandas

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@SamTheGeek It was already edited, I think your timeline probably had the cached version. 🙂

@redpandaclub how come "high quality red pandas customers" and "red panda customer support" not in the list?

@aligatr We refuse to charge red pandas money and would never make them do our work for us.

@redpandaclub who said anything about those red pandas customers being _paying_ customers? (They can pay with their cuteness alone anyway 😛)

@aligatr Not pay them?? We would never, goes completely against our company’s values.

@redpandaclub they are customers, not employees. You offer them services and love (for free because they're so cute), not the other way around.

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