Short Circuit 1.1 is rolling out to users with a fun new feature, Screenshot Mode!

No more trying to claw at your iPhone's volume and power buttons like an animal, instead tap one button and get a nice clean screenshot that works great even for long series of questions and answers.

And if you hate images but love text you can now export your conversations as markdown too. 📝

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And 16 hours later we’re releasing version 1.1.1.

1.1.1 puts you in command, by which I mean if you’re trying to send a message in the Mac app you no longer have to press command + enter, it’s just enter like every other chat app.

An alternative version of this post if you prefer to use the term return over enter: You can now return to the Mac app and send some messages to Shorty.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night, please tip your waiters. 🦊

@redpandaclub I really love the new screenshot mode, a simple yet genius idea! So helpful 😊

@manuch Thank you Manuel, really kind of you to say! You've made at least one red panda very happy to hear that. 🧡

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