Submitted Short Circuit 2.0 to the App Store from my physical therapist's office, what a world we live in.

Me (a red panda) sitting and patiently waiting for Apple to get their stuff together…


FINALLY, approved. Short Circuit 2.0 should be rolling out soon, pick up a copy at your nearest App Store.

@redpandaclub smol bug report - the bottom of the message list is obscured when I bring up the keyboard, but since the keyboard is dismissed on scroll, I can’t scroll to the bottom of the list with the keyboard up. I think the interactive keyboard dismiss works better for message-style UI!

@kylebshr Oops, you're right! I actually had reverted from .immediately to .interactive, but it's on another branch. (That works both as a git commentary and a red panda pun.)

@redpandaclub I love the immediate feedback (it’s like rush hour traffic - I’d rather move slowly continuously then stop/go, even if it takes the same amount of time to get there.)

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