We just released Short Circuit 3.0, our biggest upgrade to date. Since day 1 people have asked us for GPT-4 support and we listened, but we went the extra mile.

Say hello to Personalities. Now every Side Chat can have it's own personality, letting you fine tune the persona, creativity, and model.

What does this mean? Imagine a Side Chat where you're talking to a SwiftUI expert, another with a math tutor, and a third with a French tour guide.

All of that and more is possible in 3 easy steps.


1. Click the new fancy Conversation Settings View button.

2. Choose from one of the preselected personalities like D&D Dungeon Master, Python Pro, and Master Chef, or even create your custom personality providing your own description.

3. Hit Save, and now Shorty will begin responding with that personality, in our case a Swift expert.

And we also have one often asked for improvement, you can *finally* rename conversations. A lot of people are excited for that one, sorry it took a bit. 😅

A special thank you to @dlx and @jpm for going above and beyond as open source maintainers. They not only were able to help us figure out some bugs that we were running into using their libraries (our problems not theirs), but they actually made the fixes in the Short Circuit codebase to help us ship Short Circuit 3.0. We're very grateful for their help and contributions, they are the epitome of great open source maintainers.

@redpandaclub What are the temperature values for the different creativity presets?

@taxyovio We may change this in the future depending on usage and feedback, but the current values are:

Direct = 0.0
Creative = 0.5
Neutral = 1.0
Storyteller = 1.5
Fantasy = 2.0

@redpandaclub Thanks and congrats for the shipping the new version! A few minor improvements that come to my mind:
1. Support external keyboard to change new line with cmd + enter. (Or cmd + enter to send and enter to change line.)
2. Add ability to customise the amount of contexts (say 10 previous messages) to send in side chats. This looks like a natural addition to the individual chat settings.
3. Custom creativity to put in a precise temperature value.
4. Save and delete personalities.
5. The custom personality is called "ideas" for some reason. Maybe it should have been just called "custom"?
6. Maybe add a few more traditionally looking app icons?

@taxyovio I'll do my best to respond to everything. 😄

1. We fixed this on the Mac beta and it should be available in the next version.
2. We're doing some math to send the maximum context, do you think you need a specific number?
3. We’re doing our best to provide a high-level but quality experience to users who may not be familiar with OpenAI, do you have a specific use case for specific values?
4. Already have it on our list. 👌🏻
5. Ideas is meant to be a section title, will tweak it a lil bit.

@redpandaclub Thanks for the detailed responses!
2. I don't have a specific preference in mind. But sometimes it's very useful to group short independent questions in the same topic in a side chat, where the context length is preferably 0 or 1.
3. I find temperature values between 0.5 and 1 more usable, and prefers to be able to set it to different values depending on my topics to query. But I understand your design choices as well.
6. Is custom icons a possibility?

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