It's been cold here so for a nice change I'll be dropping some hot new features later this week. ☀️

@pretz I’ll be opening up a bunch of slots in a couple of weeks, but for you friend, I'm happy to send an invite. 🧡

@S1 I blame the airlines too, nobody likes 'em for a reason! Hope you get to where you have to go with little fuss. 🦊

@S1 You did find a bug! (I actually know about this one but really needed to get this build out.) It's on my list of things to fix tomorrow — which is all to say, thank you. 🧡

@S1 You're not wrong. 😅

I'm not sure if it was clear from the post but in the release notes I mention that this build adds account syncing, links and tags will take a couple more weeks. I could have waited to release them all at once but I'm trying to minimize the risk/make fixing bugs easier, and also there were a lot of improvements I wanted to get into people's hands today rather than making people wait.

@S1 Yep, that was intentional. I mentioned it in the release notes but since I’m still in the process of designing a lot of the app and interactions, it’s easier to build one UI than two while I’m iterating, and then focus on a great iPad and Mac experience once all the primitives are built out.

Phew, after working very hard for the last month beta 2 is done. A couple of highlights…

- Plinky Accounts! The server is up and running, you can now sign into Plinky from multiple devices. A lot more work is coming here, this one-man shop can only move so fast. 🪧
- You can now update multiple tags at once. 🏷️
- A loooot of fixes, thank you to everyone who reported and helped with these. 🙇🏻‍♂️

There’s a lot more, if you’re interested I now have a blog with the release notes!

@dvk Ahh, I wouldn't want to depend on that either but good to know!

@dvk I don’t have any plans on using any Google services but I’m curious in case there’s something for me to learn, what Google service are you referring to in this case?

@dvk Hey David, good question! Right now I'm using LPMetadataProvider, the code looks like this. Unfortunately I've found LinkPresentation to not be particularly robust, Apple's framework doesn't work in a lot of common scenarios that other parsers do. I intend to move away from it and build my own open graph parser, one that not only handles those issues but can read a lot more of the open graph tags on the page than Apple provides.

@maique Thank you, and I hope you get some rest in between toddler wrangling sessions!

@maique No announcement missed, this is a one person shop so I’ve been sending them out manually at certain milestones when I have capacity for additional users. Getting the server up and syncing links is one of the big milestones so I left myself a note to add you to the next public beta! Really appreciate you wanting to try out Plinky. ❤️

The new server is up and Sign in with Apple seems to be working, so once I'm done working around a few of Apple's authentication edge cases I'll put a new build on TestFlight so you can find new and improved ways to break it! 🍎

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@objc Fixed! The Sign In With Apple button seems to use a corner radius of 6, which seems like an odd choice so I made it match the other button's 8 point radius.

Thank you so much for the feedback, it was genuinely appreciated and helped a lot! I won't be shipping the "playful" copy because it can be construed as a bit too cheeky. And by sharing I was able to fix some spacing and corner radius issues, thank you @mark and @objc. 🦊

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@mark Already reverted after hearing a few people say this, really do appreciate the feedback!

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