We just launched v1.3 of Remainders featuring App Intents and Shortcuts integration! Read more on our blog- fabricate.llc/blog/automate-in

Inspired by @AutomationApril we added a ton of App Intents to Remainders to integrate your event countdowns with other apps!

Probably aren’t going to make the “April” deadline, but hopefully will submit our App Intents update this week sometime.

We just launched our blog!

We’ll be posting detailed release updates, feature overviews, and how to articles here in the future- fabricate.llc/blog

No sleep ‘till Dub Dub! 61 days!

We made a public countdown for WWDC- join with the the Remainders app.


Playing around with a new countdown animation for Remainders… should we go all in on the iTunes 5 style? 😂

Been adding some small UI polish the last few weeks–like subtly animated onboarding cards…

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