Hey friends! I'm curious about your thoughts on media trackers. If you have a minute, please help me out by taking this short survey Thanks for being a part of this journey with me! 🙏

@sequel are there any plans to sync with, Letterboxd, Goodreads? Without that it’s not very useful to me as I have a huge history with those sites.

@shauny I do plan on syncing with Trakt but I’m not sure if Letterboxd is possible. Unfortunately Goodreads no longer allows new devs to integrate with their API 😕

@sequel unfortunately I get an invalid address when trying to use the link, would love to see support though 😊

@sequel the one thing missing on the list for me is being able to set an order for items, such as a book series or, say, the MCU films in order. Some other apps only let you sort by metadata and that would be a differentiator, at least to me

@janbiernacki do you expect to do this manually or for it to be automatic (by having an option to sort by release date for example)

@sequel automatic sorting by release date would be sweet. I get manual would be harder to implement, but would be nice for priority sorting like “here are the next 5 shows I want to watch”. There are edge cases like prequels etc where release date isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better than sorting by name 😄

@janbiernacki gotcha. While a bit limited, collections are currently sorted by dates =)

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