🎉 Sequel 2 is out now for iOS 16 with rich media details, beautiful widgets and so much more to make your media-tracking experience even better. Let’s dive right in! 🚀

🌟 Sequel 2 helps you pick what to enjoy next thanks to rich media details like ratings, synopses, trailers and more.
Check where to watch movies and series and open streaming apps with just a tap – no more searching for where to watch your faves! 🥳

🎭 Discover more of your favourite actors' work with Sequel 2! Check out cast information and their filmography to find hidden gems you may have missed.

📺 The redesigned episodes interface simplifies how you manage your series. Easily scroll through seasons and mark past episodes as watched in one go.

🎮 Gamers, rejoice! Sequel 2 lets you know which console each game is available on and how long it takes to beat it. At least you'll know what you're getting yourself into!

📱 I heard you liked widgets? Keep an eye on your most anticipated releases with Sequel’s Countdown widget for your Home Screen and Lock Screen. Plus, check out our Up Next, Out Now, Upcoming, and Quick Access widgets for even more options.

➕ Sequel’s core experience is now free! Upgrade to Sequel+ to unlock release reminders, where to watch details, advanced widgets, and more.

🛍️ Sequel+ now offers users a lifetime purchase option. This gives you access to all of Sequel+'s benefits without ongoing payments.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 And with the new Family Sharing options, you can share your benefits with up to five people for less than the cost of two individual memberships!

💡Sequel 2 has even more to offer, including new media statuses, long-press actions, improved search results, sort options, and rating features. Check it out now to start tracking!

@sequel how much does the lifetime option cost? As a current Sequel+ subscriber I can’t see that option anymore, so I’m curious.

@karim Ha damn, I didn't think of that! I sort of assumed you'd be able to see it when managing your subscription but it wouldn’t because it's not a subscription… 😅

Lifetime purchase in $99.99 for an individual plan and $174.99 for a family plan.

@sequel Initial impression of the app is very positive. Tried a lot of other tracking apps like Trakt but this one is simple and does what you want it do so quickly and beautifully.

@ridmaur I’m so glad you like it! Feel free to reach out with any feedback! 😊

@sequel Some feedback: maybe I am missing it, but defining a collections is currently manually based; maybe make collections more dynamic, I.e. based on specific characterististc (i.e. a Dutch collection) based on all objects originating from the Netherlands). Don’t know though how much metadata you have at hand.

@ridmaur You're right, collections could be more dynamic and I have plans along those lines for future updates. Stay tuned!

@sequel Il ne manque plus qu'un lien à et c'est parfait (et à Backloggd / Literal pour les jeux et les livres mais je sais pas si c'est faisable)

@anthonym Trakt est prévu. Je vais voir ce que je peux faire pour Backloggd et Literal ;)

@sequel Trop bien ! Backloggd c'est cool, seule plateforme que je connais qui permet d'enregistrer les sessions de jeu, avec un minutage précis (jsuis un peu freak de ce côté là). Literal ou Oku c'est des alternatives sympas à Goodread, pas dingue mais ça passe

@sequel looks nice but when tracking TV Shows and Movies you should offer sync with like all the other apps so people do not have to add everything manually and can sync with other apps like Plex etc

@igorkulman Integration with Trakt is absolutely planned! However, I won't rush into it because Sequel doesn't stop at Series and Movies, so I don't want to be limited by what Trakt can do. Stay tuned though!

@sequel I've been looking for something like this! Beautiful.

@sequel just discovered this and started a trial, looks nice! Are there any plans to handle music/albums?

@oughtnot There's no immediate plans but I am keeping an eye on demand for it. Sequel currently support media types you complete so I’m not sure if music would be the best fit 🤔

@sequel @oughtnot Raising my hand as another user looking for music support. Music plus a desktop client and I’m sold 🙏🏻

@dannydb @oughtnot I can at least say for certain that a macOS version is coming! =)

How do you envision music tracking in Sequel? Is it more to track what you want / own or would you also want to track what you've listened to?

@sequel @oughtnot Hooray! Excited to hear mac is on the way!

Listy's music tracking is just about perfect for my needs. I'm just looking for a place to stash various recommendations that float into my view, and that could be an artist, album or song.

@sequel app looks super nice. I’ll jump in when it’s integrated with trakt. Great work!

@sequel awesome app but there is some serious lag when trying to tap on the episodes button.

@Ricky Yes, this was unfortunately introduced in the last update. Currently working on a fix though! =)

@sequel Any plans for any kind of import/sync with Letterboxd? I have a long, long queue of films logged there…

@mriechers @sequel I'd also love syncing with Letterboxd — would make Sequel much more useful

@bramhill @mriechers I'll be looking into it. Can't promise anything at this stage though…

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