🎉 Sequel 2 is out now for iOS 16 with rich media details, beautiful widgets and so much more to make your media-tracking experience even better. Let’s dive right in! 🚀



➕ Sequel’s core experience is now free! Upgrade to Sequel+ to unlock release reminders, where to watch details, advanced widgets, and more.

🛍️ Sequel+ now offers users a lifetime purchase option. This gives you access to all of Sequel+'s benefits without ongoing payments.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 And with the new Family Sharing options, you can share your benefits with up to five people for less than the cost of two individual memberships!

@sequel how much does the lifetime option cost? As a current Sequel+ subscriber I can’t see that option anymore, so I’m curious.

@karim Ha damn, I didn't think of that! I sort of assumed you'd be able to see it when managing your subscription but it wouldn’t because it's not a subscription… 😅

Lifetime purchase in $99.99 for an individual plan and $174.99 for a family plan.

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