🎉 Sequel 2 is out now for iOS 16 with rich media details, beautiful widgets and so much more to make your media-tracking experience even better. Let’s dive right in! 🚀



💡Sequel 2 has even more to offer, including new media statuses, long-press actions, improved search results, sort options, and rating features. Check it out now to start tracking!


@sequel Initial impression of the app is very positive. Tried a lot of other tracking apps like Trakt but this one is simple and does what you want it do so quickly and beautifully.

@ridmaur I’m so glad you like it! Feel free to reach out with any feedback! 😊

@sequel Some feedback: maybe I am missing it, but defining a collections is currently manually based; maybe make collections more dynamic, I.e. based on specific characterististc (i.e. a Dutch collection) based on all objects originating from the Netherlands). Don’t know though how much metadata you have at hand.

@ridmaur You're right, collections could be more dynamic and I have plans along those lines for future updates. Stay tuned!

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