💡 Did you know? If you don't see one of your streaming service in Sequel, you can request them via the form below (also accessible in app). I review these on a regular basis and add support if possible.

Note that while I do my best to add support following a request, I might not be able to as I'm limited by JustWatch's capabilities.

@sequel As long as we're talking about feature requests… 😉

How about some form of bulk import? Like say, from the result of going into the macOS TV app, going to the Library tab, selecting the “Movies" list, selecting all rows, doing a copy, and saving that to a text file.

@clonezone Interesting idea… I don’t think it would be particularly easy to do as it could lead to the wrong item being imported. I’m taking note of it though in case I get a bright idea! Thanks!

@sequel It's what the Cheap Charts folks support. Now, they're directly addressing Apple's APIs for lookups, but I believe that they're using the year and the director, in addition to the name to do the matching. Maybe that would resolve most of the issues.

But, yes, better to fail to import than to get the wrong item.

@clonezone Yes, I thought using the year and director would help. I've taken note of it so I'll consider it for a future update! =)

Also, I didn't know about Cheap Charts. Nice one!

@sequel Cheap Charts is how I'm able to get so many $5 movies.

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