🚀 Another week, another update. Sequel 2.0.7 is out now!

📺 Added support for Criterion and 8 more streaming services.
🎮 Pro Tip: you can now search for games with an exact title by putting your search in between quotation marks.

As always, thank you all for your feedback!

@stevepenny not at this stage no. I would like to ship within the next couple of months but it’s a bit too early to tell.

@sequel would love to see these updates in the future and would lead me to pay for a subscription.
- Give me an endless feed of unwatched, unread, unplayed, etc to scroll through to add to my lists.
- Instant buttons for watched, watchlist, as the … button is extra steps.
- Social implementations to compare reviews and other lists with other users.

@thephilonline thanks Phil! I’ve taken note of it and will consider for a future update! =)

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