🚀 Sequel 2.0.8 is out now with the mandatory fixes and improvements.

🧏 Significant improvements for Voice Over users.
📺 Added support for 6 more streaming services worldwide.
🛸 Fixed a few bugs for users living in the future.

If you use Sequel with Voice Over or any other assistive technology, I’d love to hear from you!

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@sequel Mention the streaming services added or include it with the change-log , and please add the ability to change the country since we can use VPN to stream!

@abdulhadikh I’ll have a think. Mentioning the services is tricky because the service may be available in your country but not supported by JustWatch for your country (if that makes sense).
Changing country is planned for a later update.

@sequel I read your post with a screen reader, and was initially rather confused. I heard "Sequel", and my brain assumed "SQL". I thought there was some new SQL app (like a DBMS or visualizer or something) that had been made accessible. It wasn't until I got to the bit about streaming services that I thought the word might not be "SQL" after all. :)

@alexhall I did hesitate to call the app Sequel due to the existence of SQL but thought the domain was different enough! If you end up giving it a try, let me know what you think. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement!

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