You asked so here it is. I’ve opened a few TestFlight slots if you’d like to test the upcoming Trakt support!

Boosts appreciated as I’ll be opening more slots throughout the beta process. Let me know what you think!

@roeshimi I did not expect it to fill up that quickly. I've added a few more slots. Go quick!

@sequel Full again 😭 I guess I’ll wait for the final release then. No problem

@roeshimi I’ll open more slots every few days, you’ll get in 😊

@sequel @roeshimi Will that be with the same link, or will you post a new link every time?

@rob same link, but I’ll announce it on here so you don’t have to manually check

@sequel I’ve signed up and already submitted some feedback…

@sequel Slightly nervous to do a Trakt sync, but I did a “import” and it seems to have worked perfectly.
Now that I have my full history in Sequel a few things stand out. I am used to being able to hide a shows specials. A whole bunch of them appeared as being unwatched. That would be a nice thing to have. Also it would be nice to have separate sections for shows that are “returning” from shows that have “ended”.

@mcg some of these are on my radar! As for specials, they are “optional” as in they’ll only appear in Watch Next if you have other specials marked as watched. If you still don’t want them then, I’ll be tweaking the logic for what appears in Watch Next for the 2.1 update =)

@sequel If they only appear if I’ve watched one, then that’s probably fine. Love the Trakt sync update!

@sequel I was a bit afraid of the sync, especially since I have some series with a lot of seasons (e.g. the German series Tatort, with 54 seasons). It took a while, but as it looks everything worked smoothly. This is so great!
First small wish:
I would love to see the check button introduced in the Watch next overview as well.

@andrekaiser oh cool. I’ll have a think! For now you can long press items in Watch Next to mark them as watched 😊

@sequel Yep, I found that out right away! Works for me so far for now! 😊
You did a very good job, very glad I can use the app now! 👍🏻

@tekphloyd @sequel Not surprised. This Trakt sync TestFlight has been hotly anticipated.

@tekphloyd @habibcham if nothing problematic comes out of the first batch, I’ll open up more slots in a few days. Will announce it here so everyone knows when that happens.

@maique@social.lolthat’s great to hear! How long did the first import take for you?

@sequel with Trakt support, does Trakt become the canonical source of truth or does it remain iCloud and Trakt is additionally synced?

@ptoomey3 it remains iCloud and Trakt is an additional source. This means that if Trakt is down:
- your content will still sync between your devices.
- your changes will be pushed to Trakt when it’s back online.

@sequel c’est bon, j y suis :) Y’a un moyen de forcer les metadonnees en anglais ? Ça pique les traduction françaises sur les posters.

@anthonym pour l’instant l’app utilise la langue de ton appareil. Qu’est ce qui ne va pas avec les traductions? 😄

@sequel les traductions de l’app ne sont pas un problème. Ce sont les metadata des films et séries qui sont traduites et du coup Sex and the City s’affiche comme Sexe à NY par exemple, en puisant dans la partie VF de TMDB je présume :)

Aussi, rien à voir mais certains horaires ne sont pas bons. Par exemple Physical saison 3 est affiché comme déjà diffusé alors que ça débute ce 2 août 🤔

@anthonym cest sûrement parce qu’elles reflètent la date de sortie d’origine. Malheureusement il n’existe pas de base de données avec les dates de sortie par pays pour les épisodes de séries (du moins, pas que je sache).

@sequel bah dans ce cas ci c’est une série Apple TV. Ça sort à la même date partout. Et même sur Trakt elle est indiquée au 2 août

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