📢 I'll be taking some time off soon but before that, I’ve added 50 more invites to the Trakt beta on Testflight. Thank you all for the feedback so far. Keep it coming!

As always, Boosts are appreciated 🚀 so I can get as much feedback as possible. If the beta gets full again and you missed it, there'll be more invites when I'm back. Promise!

@sequel why trakt can’t be in sync at all time ? I did watch episode and marked as watched in trakt but sequel can’t update the episode as watched !

@abdulhadikh Sequel asks Trakt for changes when you open the app from scratch, open it from background (if it was last synced over an hour ago) and when you pull to refresh on the main screen. Unfortunately, Trakt does not let apps know of changes in real time. It’s down to apps to request those changes. Doing so too often would be costly on your battery.

@sequel check it out sequel can’t mark episode 5 as watched! But it already watched in trakt !

@abdulhadikh in your recording, Sequel is still loading data as shown by the spinner in the top right corner. Can you wait for it to disappear to see if it changes the status?

@sequel that’s keep loading forever and i am forever literally !

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