Get ready! I'll be opening more TestFlight slots for the Trakt beta at 3pm (ET) later today. 🗓️ 👀

@sequel Is Trakt support only import or also syncing data back to

And is there a way to bulk delete what has been imported from Trakt?

@rob sorry, it looks like my reply didn’t send earlier. It’s a two-way sync!

What would be your use-case for the bulk-delete?

@sequel Bulk-delete would be useful to test Trakt import/sync, but then delete all those entries and continue tracking movies & TV shows in another App (I’m not sure yet I want to do this in Sequel).

@sequel I’m still seeing Asian shows from Trakt show the native titles and covers in Sequel in stead of the English titles I see in Trakt. Already mentioned this before and tried disabling the sync and re-enabling it. Do you have any idea what could cause this? Is it perhaps a setting in Trakt itself?

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