It’s been a while without a sneak peek at 2.0… Say hello to a streamlined way to manage your series with the new carousel and list views. 👋 Quickly access your next episode to watch and mark multiple episodes as watched with just a tap. 👆📺

Dive deeper into your favourite movies and TV shows with the upcoming 2.0 update! Discover the talented actors behind them and keep track of their past and even upcoming filmography. Perfect for those "where have I seen them before?" moments and for finding your next binge-worthy show!

Let's start off the week with another look at the upcoming Sequel 2.0! Video games also benefit show more information. On top of ratings, descriptions and trailers, you're also getting platforms availability and how long it takes to beat the game!

At least you'll know what you're getting yourself into! 🎮

Sequel 2.0 will bring more detailed media information. See ratings, synopses, and trailers to help you decide what to watch, play or read next.
Plus, one-tap access to streaming apps and where to watch – no more searching for where to watch your faves! 🥳

Sneak peek into Sequel 2.0 and the more granular state control.

The new Playing and Reading states help you keep track of the games and books you’ve started.

Oh and did I mention you can easily rate things now? ⭐️

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