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Söka is now available on the App Store!

Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and adventure with Söka, the groundbreaking iOS app that brings your wildest dreams to life.

Whether you yearn to explore breathtaking destinations, witness awe-inspiring performances, or achieve significant milestones, Söka is your trusted companion in turning aspirations into unforgettable realities.

Download for free:

Today's the day! Söka v1.3 is now available on the App Store.

This update is packed full of new features, including the most requested feature: bucket list collaboration!

v1.3 also brings interactive widgets, so you can complete your goals right from your home screen, and a brand new watchOS companion app, perfect for keeping your bucket lists up-to-date.

Download for free:

I spent today putting the final touches to Söka's press kit in preparation for version 1.3, which will launch to coincide with iOS 17!

If there's any journalists out there looking for apps that will have interactive widgets, a brand new watchOS app, or TipKit, Söka's press kit and draft press release are linked below!

Press kit:

Press release:

Hey friends! It's an important time of year for us apps, because the next major version of iOS is just around the corner!

Over the last 2 months, I've been working on hard on version 1.3 of Söka. This update brings many major features, including some that have been requested by you.

I've created a public TestFlight link so that anybody can help me test. Please report anything out of the ordinary either via TestFlight or by email in the in-app settings.

Hey @podomunro congrats on @soka being featured in the “New Apps, Features and Content” section of the German App Store 🙌🥳

I asked the Söka app (@soka)AI to create a list of thing to do in Belfast. Attached image is what it generated. Spot on for touristy things.

Great app if you are going anywhere.

Söka, an app to build travel bucket lists, is one of the best implementations of an AI feature I've seen. Instead of being gimmicky, it helps kick off exploring a new location, providing ideas for places to visit that you might not have thought of.

My review on @macstories:

on the #shownotes #grind for @gamesatwork_biz in preparation for tomorrow's posting of e428 — stories & toots about #AI @soka #GeneratedAudio #GeneratedBooks #GenerativeAgents and a whole lot more! Check out the earlier episodes, chock full of #AI #metaverse #AR #VR #gamification and so much more on

@podomunro subscribed to Soka+ so I could make a list for my work trip to Pittsburgh next week. Won’t have time for most of these but I love the AI feature. 💪

Söka is taking part in the Indie App Sale, ending tomorrow!

Get up to 50% off your first year of söka+ with the code “PRIMEDAY2023”.

There are over 100 apps taking part! Check them out at the link below.

Met Indie App Sales krijg je korting op meer dan 100 verschillende apps: dit zijn onze aanraders

Get ready to level up your bucket list game! Update to Söka Version 1.2 now and embrace a world of limitless possibilities. 🌍✨

Download the latest update and start your extraordinary journey today!

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4️⃣ “Lifetime” Upgrade Option 💎💰

Unlock all söka+ premium features forever with the new “Lifetime” upgrade option! 🌟🔓

For a one-time purchase, enjoy unlimited access to exclusive benefits and maximize your Söka experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade!

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3️⃣ Bucket List Archive 📚🔒

Declutter your Söka experience and celebrate your completed bucket lists with Söka’s new Archive feature! ✨🗂️

Move accomplished lists to the Bucket List Archive, preserving your memories while maintaining a clean interface. Unleash new adventures while keeping your achievements close.

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2️⃣ Shortcuts⚡️📲

Seamlessly manage your bucket lists with Söka’s custom shortcuts! Create, open, and complete goals without even opening the app. ⭐️✅

Integrate Söka into your daily routine and make achieving your dreams even easier.

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1️⃣ Virtual Scratch Map 🌍✨

Track your travel conquests and unveil your global adventures with Söka’s interactive Scratch Map! 🗺️✈️

Scratch off countries as you visit them and set new goals for your next destinations. 📍🌟

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🌟 Exciting News! Söka Version 1.2 is here! 🎉 Check out these eye-catching features 🧵⬇️

Happy Fourth of July!

To celebrate, we've just enabled Family Sharing on all new and existing subscriptions to söka+. If you and your family members are in the same iCloud Family, everybody will get access to söka+ for no additional cost!

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