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@structured That is cool. Could you provide links or app names? :)

@venderbase To be noticed as an indie dev or to see if an app is an indie app?

For the later there is

@structured The Slopes app is pure black magic. I don’t know how it tracks my snowboarding with negligible effects on my battery. Truly a masterpiece

@structured even better, open source the code (if they wish)

@Solinus Open Source is unfortunately a bit more involved. To do it right, you have to have good code with documentation (which indie apps often don't have).

And since we need to make money with our apps, we have to somehow protect ourselves against people just copying the code.

That being said, there are indie apps that are open source and it is definitely nice, but makes things more complicated.

@structured makes sense now! I think there are licenses out there to prevent copying without modifications or something similar, but again, it's quite more involved and it's ultimately up to the developer(s)

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