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Structured 3.0.4 brings you a more seamless and enjoyable experience with a host of bug fixes and performance improvements. We are are confident that the changes will make it even easier for you to plan your day 🤩🚀

It has been heartwarming to see all the donations to the Syrian-Turkish earthquake relief efforts. Over 500 people from all over the world have donated a combined €19.000. We're proud to have matched your donations by contributing to the Betterplace Emergency Fund.

We are already at €11.000 🤯 So heartwarming to see the donations from all over the world!

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Join us in our efforts to provide relief to the victims of the recent earthquake on the Syrian-Turkish border.
Donate to any humanitarian organization providing assistance in the region, and get lifetime access to Structured Pro as our way of saying thank you.
We'll match the amount up to €20,000 until February 24.

Donate now and submit proof here:

@refactoredd I use @structured every night to plan the next day, and I use that as a guide throughout the day for what I should be working on.

Hey !

Great to be here, and thanks to @joshdholtz for organizing this space!

Btw, Structured is a daily planner for , and to help you stay productive. It's developed by @leomehlig.

You can learn more here:

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