And here is the official PR:

"SwitchBuddy adds a complete game database with search, better games discovery, and more"

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🎉 New update 3.1.5 is available

- Games search: Search over 8000 games

- Name screenshot groups in Gallery

- Game collections: Co-op, Metacritic TOP, free-to-play and more

- Small fixes and similar

Full changelog:

To make the Games section more approachable to more gamers, I have added "Game Collections" which are basically curated lists of noteworthy games.

For example top rated on Metacritic, couch co-op, kart racers and more 🙂

Available soon

Coming soon to SwitchBuddy: Organize your screenshots Gallery by naming groups and jump between them easily 🐇

📣 Version 3.1.4 is rolling out

- Calendar Widget: Shows favorite games releasing in current month
- Option to save your Friend Code and generate QR code to show friends
- Improved "Games" section loading (no more rows jumping around)
- Smaller fixes and similar

And check out new lifestyle photo 😃

Just wanted to share a couple of new things that should be live soon 😃

Up Next widget has been improved to show more games + some layout fixes.

Brand new "Calendar" view that shows your favorite games that are releasing in a current month

And option to save your Friend Code so you have it always available for your friends to send you friend requests

I plan to create better UX for the default calendar selection, so for now this is mostly for "power" users and people who read release notes 😅

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Version 3.1.3 is slowly rolling out 🎉

It is mostly smaller features and tweaks. Bellow are the most note-worthy:

- Option to select default calendar for games: Long press on the calendar icon to select calendar to use for future events

- Spotlight integration: You can search your device to find favorited games and quickly open them

- More links on the game details + compact design

Full changelog:

Working on the prices update and in the meantime did small redesign for the game detail footer.

News are now inline (with option to open list with richer previews) and links are more compact now.

Also the Twitch links opens the official app if it is available 🙂

🏗️ Right now I am mostly working on the ability to show game prices with links to appropriate Nintendo eShop.

This will probably be a longer TestFlight since I expect to run into all kinds of issues and edge cases.

As for other stuff, I have been considering:

- Theme editor
- Creating Watch faces / wallpapers from game artwork
- Option to create more game "collections" like backlog, wishlist and similar

Let me know if you'd especially like to see something from the above list 👍

The full changelog for this and previous versions is now available online -

And the link is also available in the "More" tab

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🎉 Version 3.1.0 is live on the App Store

It features redesigned Games tab with "Featured" and "New Releases" lists added.

+ "Shared with You" support and new "Up Next" widgets for SwitchBuddy+

It is "phased" release so feel free to to "force" the update to get it today 😃

Press Release:

"Shared with You" support is coming with version 3.1.0 next week 🥳

Also asked Apple for feature on the App Store 🤞

More revamped new Games screen iterations. The 🍌 is the most recent one.

Think I am almost happy with it now. I am frequently changing themes during development to spot contrast issues and similar 🌈 😃

Development on the web side of things also continues 🙂

The shared links now have dark theme, show releases dates, artworks and more.

Check these examples:

Just submitted v 3.0.7 to App Review.

- Added link to "Games FAQ" that answers common questions about games in SwitchBuddy
- Widgets are now available on iOS 14 (previously iOS 15+ was required)
- Improved error logging to help me fix issues faster
- Long press on website links or videos in game detail to quickly copy link
- Viewed game details are now also saved locally
- Contrast fixes for themes

Version 3.0.4 is live. Mostly smaller features and fixes.

Curious what effect moving “Share" button from end of game detail to navbar has on the sharing

Update notes:
- Improved game detail - share button is easy to find, add to calendar is closer to release date
- Added ability to share games from the list (long press)
- Fixed contrast issues on game detail with certain themes
- Fixed incorrectly grouped released games in Favorites

New version of @switchbuddy launches today!

I have been working on it since November. It mainly adds ability to track new Nintendo Switch game releases & of course countdown widgets.

I am also trying Product Hunt launch, if you want to support me there 🙂

App Store:

Hello, fellow indies!

Any Nintendo Switch gamers?

SwitchBuddy makes it super easy to transfer your game captures (screenshots & videos) from your Switch, view them in built in gallery and more!

Recently, version 2.0 added "News" tab to stay up-to-date on Nintendo news and videos.

Currently working on feature to track upcoming game releases - with countdown widgets 🕰

Check the work in progress -

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