Here’s a experiment for Tangent notes:

I was looking at a long list with multiple multi-line items. I was having some difficulty differentiating between individual items. I had an idea for making the `*` and `-` glyphs for lists have different semantic meaning, styled as spacing rules. See the picture for how it looks.

Would this be something people would be interested in as a default for Tangent?

@tangentnotes i used to use a similar approach with apple notes, which distinguishes between the two. i predominantly used - for examples or informal lists, whereas • was used for anything exhaustive. unfortunately #obsidian/#markdown doesn’t make the distinction

@jajaperson @tangentnotes Yeah, there’s history there where, since markdown is just a way to write HTML conveniently, there’s an assumption that the styling of your unordered list elements are going to be handled completely separately.

I don’t think that’s the right choice for notes. We see the characters we use; when we have some option, they should have an impact.

@jajaperson @tangentnotes Of course, that pushes me towards the "why use _ and * for emphasis/bold?" question. I very much prefer _, and I almost never use bold…

@taylorhadden @tangentnotes i’m one of those people who use _ for italics and ** for bold

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