Tangent v0.5.3 is now out! A whole bunch of important fixes, but I think the best one is an updated windows icon that’s 60% less terrible!

@ellane Oh dear! Could you DM me some screenshots? I'd love to be able to help you out.

@daniel @ellane Not yet. It's on the horizon. That yaml is just for a very sketchy tool I put together two years ago to self-publish before Tangent was a thing.

I'm planning on adding some tools for this when I finally get the documentation for Tangent available on the website.

@alexl Cheers! Linux isn’t my native platform. There are lots of package types and I just chose one.

Tangent now sails from a different harbor in the fediverse!

Tangent is a writing and app based on . It is built to easily capture and explore your thoughts without getting lost.

The most recent update added support for tags and to-do items. These can be referenced in Tangent's powerful custom query syntax easily sift through in-progress projects.

Check Tangent out! tangentnotes.com

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