Timery 1.5.1 is available on the App Store!


What’s new:
• Three weeks of recent time entries in the app
• More grouping options in summary reports
• A new duration format
• A new time-adjustment interval option
• Start Saved Timer action in Shortcuts
• Custom project colors for paid Toggl accounts
• Lots of fixes

Here are some more details of what’s new:

Timery is using Toggl’s new API and now loads three weeks of logged time entries (or up to 1,000 entries) instead of just one week, so Time Entries view now shows more days and recent-time-entries lists include more entries. Older entries, of course, are still available on Toggl.


Summary reports have more grouping options and can now be grouped by projects, tasks, descriptions, tags, and clients like in Reports Overview.

When grouping by tasks and tags, Timery has to download individual time entries for the report, so because of Toggl API limitations, larger time periods can take some time to load.

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When using Toggl’s “improved” duration format (“0:23:42”), there’s a new option whether or not to always show hours. When off, durations under an hour will hide the hour text.

For example, “0:23:42” will instead show as “23:42” like the SwiftUI duration formatting in widgets and Live Activities.

For starting a new current time entry minutes ago and adjusting start & stop times, there’s a new time-adjustment interval option that will ask each time what the interval should be instead of always adjusting by a preset interval. Also on Apple Watch.

Perhaps you like me often want to start a time entry at a variable number of minutes ago. This enables starting timers at 3, 7, 15, etc. minutes ago from the same button.

On iOS 16 is a new Shortcuts action Start Saved Timer that shows a list of saved timers to start with an optional start-time parameter.

This new action works on its own, but it also works well combined with Find Saved Timers and Choose from List actions to start a saved timer.

In paid Toggl accounts, project colors can now be set to a custom color. When editing a project, you can either input a hex color or select a color from a standard iOS or macOS color picker.

And there are lots of fixes including:
• Improved support for larger Dynamic Type sizes in reports
• More reliable updates to saved timers & time entries after editing projects & tags
• Fixes for a Focus filtering timers and reports

Check the release notes for more details!

Thank you for using and supporting Timery! I really appreciate all the support and the feedback. 🙏

I hope you enjoy these updates and they’re useful for you. Happy time tracking!


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