Timery 1.5.3 is available! This update has four new Shortcuts actions and several small improvements & fixes!


What’s new in Shortcuts:
• Start Recent Timer
• Find Recent Timers
• Export Saved Report
• Start Live Activity

What else is new:
• Improvements to reordering saved timers
• Easier-to-tap time-adjustment buttons
• More project colors for paid Toggl accounts
• Fix for exporting reports on Mac
• VoiceOver improvements

Here are some more details:

The “Start Recent Timer” action gets a list of recent timers and asks which one to start.

It can also accept as input a found recent timer from the “Find Recent Timers” action which uses predicate filtering to get a list of recent timers.

The “Export Saved Report” action exports a saved reports overview or summary report as a CSV, PDF, or PNG like in the app.


On iPhone, the new “Start Recent Timer” and “Start Live Activity” actions as well as the existing “Start Saved Timer” action can start a Live Activity. From Shortcuts. Without needing to open Timery.

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Context menus in Saved Timers view have three new actions to make reordering saved timers a little easier:
• “Reorder Timers” puts the view into edit mode to reorder the list and automatically scrolls to show the saved timer.
• “Move Up” moves the saved timer up one position in the list without having to enter edit mode.
• “Move Down” moves the timer down one position.

And more!

• On Mac, the issue that could freeze the app when exporting reports should be fixed.

• On iPhone & iPad, when editing time-entry start & stop times in the edit view, the time-adjustment buttons should be a little easier to tap.

• In paid Toggl accounts—which can have custom project colors—when adding or editing a project, there are two new groups of colors to choose from: old Toggl project colors & system colors.

• VoiceOver is improved in Saved Timers view and in Live Activities.

Check the release notes for more details!

Thank you for using Timery and being part of the Timery Club. I really appreciate your support and your feedback! 🙏

I hope you enjoy these updates and they’re useful for you. Happy automating and happy time tracking!


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