Timery 1.5.4 is available with some tweaks for 1.5.3 and a new action to continue the latest timer!

When a current time entry isn’t running, “Continue Latest Timer” will start a new time entry at the current time with the same project, description, and tags as the latest timer. Available as a keyboard shortcut, menu command, and action in the current-time-entry view’s context menu.

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If you stop a time entry to do something else and later return to that thing, you can more quickly continue tracking it with this.

On iPhone & iPad, “Continue Latest Timer” and “Restart Latest Time Entry” in the current-time-entry view’s context menu show what the latest timer was and when the latest time entry ran.

Also, the new reorder actions in Saved Timers view context menus are in a submenu to take up less space in the main menu.

Happy time tracking!

@timery Did something change recently ? With the "Start Time Entry" shortcut, I tried both the latest Timery and the Testflight Timery and both apps worked as of last Friday, however, now they give me "issue communicating with the app". I managed to fix them by re-adding the the same "Start Time Entry" actions and removing the old ones and now it works. Just curious.

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