It’s Widgetpalooza in Timery 1.6! This update has interactive widgets on iOS 17, two new widgets, new widget sizes, and several new widget configuration options. And on watchOS 10, widgets in the Smart Stack and an updated design.

Here’s some of what’s new! 🧵

Timery is ready for iOS 17 with interactive widgets!

You can:
• Start & stop time entries and Live Activities
• Start time entries minutes ago and at the last stop time
• Page through more timers than can normally fit
• Show time-tracked details
• Switch report time periods
—all without having to open the app


But wait, there’s more for widgets!

There’s a new Project widget to check time tracked today or this week for a selected project and start timers. And a Single Saved Timer widget to start & stop a selected saved timer and check the time tracked.

Widgets are also available in StandBy on iPhone. And on the iPad Lock Screen.

The Dashboard widget now also comes in medium. And Recent Timers in small.

And there are new configuration options to show stop buttons, extra graphs, and more.

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Apple Watch has some new goodies too. Timery has an updated design for watchOS 10. And widgets in the Smart Stack.

Settings are also now in the app including new complication & widget options. Now you don’t have to grab your phone to change some things on your watch!

Check out the release notes for more details!

This update has been a lot fun to work on this summer, and I’m very excited to bring all these new things to Timery. I hope these new goodies are useful for you!

Thank you for using Timery and being part of the Timery Club. I really appreciate your support!

Happy time tracking!

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