I released version 3.3.2 yesterday evening. People with large timelines might notice a visibly smoother and faster experience; people exporting CSVs to open in Excel won’t run into messed-up characters if they use Excel’s default settings; and there are a couple more small updates. timestory.app/releases/3.3.2.h

Version 3.3.1 is out. This is a small update, focused on the CSV export dialog. It now preserves your settings from one export to the next, and it fixes a bug that could sometimes cause incorrect or empty columns in the output CSV. Release notes: timestory.app/releases/3.3.1.h

3.3 is now on the App Store. This smooths out maintaining large timelines, with support for Option+Drag to duplicate events and with the ability to duplicate an entire section with all its contents. Check it out at timestory.app/releases/3.3.htm

Version 3.2 is out! This added a few smaller features, notably the ability to force all events in a section to use common colors. It also enables document autosaving and fixes a handful of bugs.

Comprehensive release notes, free trial, and more at: timestory.app/releases/3.2.htm

Version 3.1 is now out! Find a redesigned welcome window with file previews, a new single-file package format for collections of SVG event icons, and a bunch of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

Full release notes and screenshots at: timestory.app/releases/3.1.htm

Hi all, glad to be here! TimeStory is a native Mac app for creating any kind of timeline, with a simple, fast, drag-and-drop interface, rich styling options, and more. Grab a free trial on the website (time limited, no other limits), or buy it on the Mac App Store (one-time purchase).

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