Transcriptionist has a full User Guide that feels a lot like the default "Help Book" system in macOS, but it's cross platform: near-identical experience on iPad (& iPhone isn't much different, just changes the navigation slightly to accommodate the smaller screen). And it's not HTML, it's native SwiftUI, so it's instant to load, can easily include the icons for various buttons, etc. Behind the scenes, its just Markdown, with a little extra on top for special formatting. Same system for FAQs.

More Transcriptionist details: I wasn't originally intending to give the search highlight this (slightly iMessage Stickers-y?) fluorescent border+shadow look, but the regular boring yellow box is actually surprisingly tricky to achieve in SwiftUI. Experimenting with workarounds, I found a way to do these instead, and kinda liked how chunky and tactile they feel.

Whether it's something to load into another app, or just your preferred style of Markdown, you can create your own. And you don't have to learn any fiddly ${formatting} %codes or anything — type exactly the text you want to appear, and when you need pieces inserted from the transcript (the text itself, or details like names and times), you can insert Shortcuts-like tokens that let you pick what you want from menus.

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One is exporting. There are a bunch of formats, like subtitles, Markdown, and some HTML/PDF styles including my current favourite, Chat Bubbles. But perhaps you want to get your transcripts out of the app and into a special text-based format?

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If you've been following for a while, you'll know I just released Transcriptionist, a new iPhone/iPad/Mac app for turning speech into text, searching and exporting it. But I wanted to follow up with some of the details you might not have seen.

Hey! So I have something new to announce. It's still early, and kind of an experiment for me: a new iPhone, iPad and (native) Mac app called Transcriptionist. It takes speech and turns it into text — privately, on-device — and a bunch more besides.

It can be used as a companion app to Ferrite (a new update will integrate to transcribe your shows) but is a great stand-alone app too.

• It's accelerated with the Apple Neural Engine, so it's very fast
• It can transcribe almost 100 languages

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