Zenitizer, a modern meditation tracker for Watch and iPhone is ready for beta testing on TestFlight ✈️

🔁 Please boost this to help me reach interested users 🙏

(Also consider telling your friends who like mindfulness and meditation ❤️)

👉 App Download:

ℹ️ More Info:

@zenitizer just downloaded the beta this morning and will start testing tomorrow. Love the idea! Been using Insight Timer for all my meditations that are just me and would prefer Zenitizer as it seems to be more streamlined.

@zenitizer oh, and having a full featured watch app is huge plus!

@clovertalk Thank you so much, Matthew!

I'm really curious about your thoughts and first impressions (keeping in mind, of course, this is an early beta preview with lots of rough edges 🙃)

Yeah, for me personally the Watch app is my favourite way to use Zenitizer, especially when I'm somewhere public (like in a park or on a train) and maybe just want gentle vibrations on my wrist instead of audible interval bells 🧘

@zenitizer Will keep the fact that it is an early beta top of mind!

@zenitizer Hey everyone 👋

Just wanted to quickly follow up and say thanks for all the boosts, favourites and feedback 🙏

It's incredibly heartwarming and encouraging to see the level of support and engagement here on my favourite social platform! ❤️

(I'm Manuel, the maker of @zenitizer)

@zenitizer Я можу допомогти перекласти додаток на українську мову. Звертайтеся якщо треба

@Sherstyuk Thank you, that would be fantastic! Currently, the app does not support translation yet, but I’ll let you know when it does 😉

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