✈️ The latest update just landed on TestFlight - and it's a big one:

🔔 Redesigned timer config screen with multiple, customizable meditation stages and bells
🐞 Multiple bug fixes (especially the "Time Up" notification bug - sorry for that! 🙊)
🔥 Calmer fireplace soundscape and option to switch soundscapes during meditation

PS: It is @manuel’s BIRTHDAY today and a little boost would totally make his day and put a big smile on his face!



@manuel Oh and In case you’d like to try Zenitizer, here’s the link to join the TestFlight: testflight.apple.com/join/jLcw

Probably should’ve included that in the original post… 😅

@zenitizer @manuel Was surprised I immediately got access. Glad it wasn’t full. 🙏🏼

@zenitizer @manuel@iosdev.space Loving the new timer features, and the fireplace sound is way better. The notification bug has not happened yet, so fingers crossed. Happy birthday @manuel!

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