Dear 👋 Zenitizer launched on the today 🚀🥳

🧘 Clean & Simple Timer
🎵 Soothing Sounds
❤️ Support
🪄 & Support
⭐️ and
👀 Glanceable and Complications

1️⃣ Download:
2️⃣ Claim 50% Launch Discount:
3️⃣ Boost this post to help an indie dev spread the word ❤️
4️⃣ Upvote on Product Hunt if you happen to be there:

Thank You and Happy Meditating 🙏

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@zenitizer Hey @stroughtonsmith 👋 Just wondering... there isn’t a #showcase planned any time soon - by any chance - right? (Just figured I'd ask 🥹🙊)

@stroughtonsmith @zenitizer Hey Steve, just wanted to thank you again for actually, spontaneously doing the #showcase on Thursday 😁

Since my own reach online is rather limited, this was such a great help to get the word out about the Zenitizer launch. I truly appreciate it, have a great week! 🙏

@stroughtonsmith @zenitizer And of course, as always, it was such a great opportunity to discover so many other fantastic apps and updates 🤩

I just love this community 😊

@rooster @zenitizer Thank you so much, Russ! It is all very, very exciting and such a nice feeling being able to finally share my work with the world 😊 Thanks for your support and encouragement along the way!

@zenitizer simple to use and a really nice design, the widgets are great as well 🔥

@d_asinDavid @zenitizer Thank you so much for the kind words 🙏

I don’t have a design background and not a lot of experience either, so the process involved a lot of learning + trial and error (and a ton of incredibly useful help & feedback from wonderful people ❤️), so reading this really means a lot to me!

Please let me know if there are any particular features you'd love to see added next 😉

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